Nieuw turnpakje

Our Linea Recta ladies finally have a new leotard! After a small designing competition we choose the final design for our leotard. Inge from ingeturnd makes all of our leotards by herself in time so we could shine in our brand new leotard at the NSTC2.


Finally the day arrived from the NSTC2 competition in Enschede. Our competition committee worked really hard to organise an awesome competition. The theme this time was The Golden Ages or better know as Gouwe Ouwes. We all showed our beautifull routines and had a lot of fun. Our lustrum committee organised an awesome party afterwards Read more about NSTC2[…]

Open practice in September!

From the 4th til the 13th of September Linea Recta has open trainings again! So if you always wanted to try out whether gymnastics would be your new favorite sport or if it already is your favorite sport then don’t hesitate to come by! The training times can be found under ‘trainingen’