November 12, 2015


To pay the costs of the association, Linea Recta is working behind the bar in the canteen of the Sportcentrum about one day per month. The income that is made during those 16 days is going to the association. With those earnings activities for all the members are organised and the competitions can be paid. Linea Recta expects all members to help with the barshifts (4 per year). The barshifts are being announced at the trainings, via email and on the Facebook page of Linea Recta. It is possible to sign up via the link at the bottom of this page. The barshift is divided into different shifts which last around 2 hours. Fill in your name in the sheet at the shift you want to do. Don’t forget to add an * behind your name if it’s the first time you’re doing a barshift. If you really can’t help also let us know via the link (preferably ahead of time).

I have never done a barshift before?!

Don’t panic! At the bar, you will find a barteambook with all the information. Besides that, there are usually 3 people doing a barshift together, so you are not alone. Each barshift there are experienced people present that can help you.

I don’t want to do a barshift!

That really is a pity as barshifts are a lot of fun! You really need no experience to work at the bar. There will always be one person with experience there as well. This way you will learn very quickly how everything works. You really do not want to a barshift or you don’t do enough of them? Then you won’t get back your (full) bardeposit. Together with the contribution in the beginning of the academic year you also pay a bardeposit of €50 per year. With the first 3 barshifts you will earn back €10,- each shift and with the last one, you will earn €20,- back. So help us with doing just 8 hours of barshifts and get your full amount of bardeposit back at the end of the academic year!