April 12, 2019


Besides the studentcompetition, we can also participate in the KNGU* competitions. You will participate in the name of the NSTB**.

All active members of the NSTB are passive members of the KNGU. In order to participate in KNGU competition, you would have to be a active member of the KNGU and pay thier contribution. Je can sign up to become an active member for the KNGU, by filling in the “Verwerkersovereenkomst” form and submit it to the NSTB. The NSTb will take care of the rest.

For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to ask your board.

*Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Unie

**Nederlandse Studenten Turn Bond

Volunteer for the KNGU,

Because of the special arrangement that we have with the KNGU, we made a deal to help out at thier events. We agreed to this in order to give something back and it is also a lot of fun. You can sign up alone or together en be at awesome events, such as “The Finals” where you will see the best of the Dutch gymnastics in action.

Do you fancy helping out? Sign in through this link: