May 1, 2019


The NSTB* organizes 4 competitions every year:

  1. NSTC** 1 (apparatus competition)
  2. NSTC 2
  3. NSK*** jumping
  4. NSK***

Every competition will be organized by a different association in there own city. (See associations for the sister associations)

Every competition weekend is not only to do gymnastics but also to party and to have a big sleepover! The competition will always take place on saturdays.  Everyone will eat together at the end of the competition and the party will be in the evening. after the party, you can dream in your sleeping bag.

Every competition has a theme. The theme divers from Disney to Glitter & Glamour. A nice outfit will be appreciated. 😉

You could also join the GNSK**** at the end of the year. The GNSK is a team competition and you will represent your city.

You can find the competition regulations at the NSTB* site.

*Nederlandse Studenten Turn Bond – dutch student gymnastics association

**Nederlandse Studenten Turn Competitie – dutch student gymnastics competition

***Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap – dutch student championship

****Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap – big dutch student championship