November 12, 2015


Linea Recta would not exist without the various committees that are responsible for activities, competitions and practices. Below you can find a list of all comittees!


The AcCo is the activities committee of Linea Recta and is responsible for organizing super awesome activities for the members every 3 weeks. Those activities, for example, are going bowling, partying, playing paintball, mid-winter BBQs, swimming, ice skating, running dinner, having lunch together and a lot more.


The Dies committee organizes a party every year to celebrate the birthday of Linea Recta.


A lot of new members are joining Linea Recta at the beginning of the new season. To get to know the new members, an introduction camp is organized. During this camp we do a lot of awesome activities and in the evening there will be a campfire with drinks. Everybody will know each other (and their names) better after the camp. The committee will organize the sleeping place, food and drinks, activities and of course they will motivate (new) members to join the camp. Besides taking care of the camp, committee members will have a lot of fun this weekend. We hope that the next camp will be as much fun as this camp was.


The KasCo checks the work of the treasurer a few times a year. This committee consists of 2 to 3 members and they have reasonable amount of experience in finances. This committee checks if the in and outflow of Linea Recta’s money goes according tp the rules.

Kick-In committee

The goal of the Kick-In committee is to make Linea Recta members sleep as little as possible and instead enjoy the sun and parties during the Kick-in.  Of course they promote Linea Recta as much as possible to new UT-students by giving demo’s, by handing out flyers, by pasting stickers on everything and everyone we come across. We arrange all the needed materials and coordinate the members during the activities.

Prom committee

An awesome prom is organized every year and in colaberation with other sport associations in Enschede. There would’t be a student prom without a theme. The themes differ from Black & White to galaxy. We hope to see you at this year’s prom.


In 2019, it was the first time that the ReisCie organised a trip and as everybody liked it, it was decided that the committee could stay. The ReisCie organises a city trip for a long weekend. We try to look for a destination that is both cheap and fun, and has plenty to offer regarding culture, activities and beer. As the committee, you are responsible for accommodation, transport and a couple of activities. On the spot, you make sure everything goes smoothly and you can fully enjoy the beautiful trip you have organised along with your fellow committee members. Let’s organise another awesome trip this year!


Linea Recta is an awesome association and we keep the association informed about the latest events and gossip. The Verrek! comittee also makes sure that all the members are up to date with the latest stories and results from competitions. All this information, gossip and quotes will end up in the newsletter, so be careful what you say around Verrek! members…


The association Trainers Committee consists of 2 to 3 members who have a lot of experience with gymnastics. We make sure that there will be an association trainer present at every recreational training. We also organize a training day for all the association trainers. 


This is the committee that keeps the website running and up to date. This is not the biggest committee but it is a committee with a lot of responsibility because the website represents what Linea Recta stands for.


Every year there are competitions from the NSTB (Dutch Student Gymnastic Association) that all of the Dutch student gymnastic association will join. Because of that the competitions can take place in every student city. If the competition takes place in Enschede, it is up to the competition committee to organise this. Jury members will be arranged by the NSTB. The competition committee needs to arrange all of the apparatuses through Bosan, find sponsors for financing the competition and arrange the sign-ups. The competition committee also needs to determine the date and the theme and buy medals. During the trainings they have the job to make the gymnasts enthusiastic and hang up posters in the hall. Afterwards there is also a party organised by the WedCie for all of the participants. Organising a competition is a challenge, but it is really fun to do!
There is also one GNSK competition per year, which will take place in one of the student cities. If there is a GNSK competition in Enschede, the competition committee is not responsible for the organisation because the GNSK committee will arrange everything. If they do have questions, they will contact the board.