November 13, 2015


The competition committee (wedcie)

Every year there are competitions from the NSTB (Dutch Student Gymnastic Association) that all of the Dutch student gymnastic association will join. Because of that the competitions can take place in every student city. If the competition takes place in Enschede, it is up to the competition committee to organise this. Jury members will be arranged by the NSTB. The competition committee needs to arrange all of the apparatuses through Bosan, find sponsors for financing the competition and arrange the sign-ups. The competition committee also needs to determine the date and the theme and buy medals. During the trainings they have the job to make the gymnasts enthusiastic and hang up posters in the hall. Afterwards there is also a party organised by the WedCie for all of the participants. Organising a competition is a challange, but it is really fun to do!

There is also one GNSK competition per year, which will take place in one of the student cities. If there is a GNSK competition in Enschede, the competition committee is not responsible for the organisation because the GNSK committee will arrange everything. If they do have questions, they will contact the board.