Week 39: (Open) trainingen in Hengelo

Dear (interested to become) members,

I think you have all heard it by know: we cannot train in our normal hall because of ventilation problems. However, the sports centre is very busy fixing it, but in the mean time we’ll have to find other possibilities to train. Since we (the board) feel like we cannot fully show you what our association is like during outside trainings, we have a new plan for the coming week!

On Monday 21/09 and Wednesday 23/09, we will train in a ‘real’ gymnastics hall in Hengelo (address: Uitslagsweg 102)! The trainings will be from 20:15 till 22:15. In this hall, the same rules regarding corona apply, so change and shower at home as much as possible. Please note that this is officially a WOMEN’s gymnastics hall. This means that in Hengelo there are less men’s apparatuses than we have in our hall in the Sports Centre.

For those who want to, we will gather at the downstairs entrance of the Sports Centre at 19:45 to bike to Hengelo with a group (location: https://goo.gl/maps/8W4tqDjusNUegCYs5). Some people will go by car, they will also gather at the Sports Centre. You can drive with them if there are enough spaces left, but keep in mind they might want to split the costs for gas.

If you want to join, please sign up using the following link:

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Once we are back in our own gym, we will have some more open trainings, so you will get a more accurate impression of what we offer!

Hope to see you next week!